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The Venado Run & Gun

Date: 9/25 - 9/27/2020

Location: Venado Springs Ranch, 4605 FM 1077, Bandera, TX 78003

Time: 10k Saturday at 8 a.m.
            5k Sunday at 8 a.m.

Check out the Venado Springs Ranch website here.


The Event:

The Venado Run n Gun will be formatted in a standard Texas Run n Gun Series competition format. We will be offering the following competitions:

  • Saturday

    • 10k: The 10k will be hosted on the West side of the ranch. 7 Stages - Rifle 60 / Pistol 50 (estimated)

  • Sunday

    • 5k: The 5k will be hosted on the East side of the ranch. 5 Stages - Rifle 50 / Pistol 40 (estimated)

  • Saturday/Sunday

    • Challenge Stages: Pistol Steel Challenge, Rifle Challenge, Sprint Course


Note that the 5k and 10k courses will be completely separate and unique courses. We do not anticipate sharing stages between the two days. Expect a max range around 500 yards for the rifle targets. 

Prior to the event we will update the round count but will not release the stage descriptions.


Challenge Stages:

We are pleased to introduce new competitions during the event! Challenge Stages are open to all competitors and spectators for participation throughout the duration of the event! Competitors can purchase tickets for as many rounds as they can handle. There is no limit on the number of times you can shoot each Challenge Stage; compete several times and use your best score to try and win a prize. Use these events to warm up before you enter the course or compete against friends to prove once and for all who is the best marksman of the group. There will be a separate prize and trophy for each Challenge Stage during the awards ceremony.

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Challenges being offered:

  • Pistol Challenge: A pure steel challenge is what you will be facing at this stage.

  • Rifle Challenge: From a fixed position, see how quickly you can engage and neutralize targets at varying distances.

  • Sprint Stage: Want to warm up before your run? Still have an itch to shoot after completing the course? Attack this sprint stage which incorporates 3 unique pistol and rifle shooting stages along a quarter mile loop. One runner is allowed on the sprint stage at a time and scores are based on the competitor’s overall time from start to finish; the clock never stops!

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