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  • Run n Gun is a 2-gun biathlon. Competitors carry a rifle and pistol over a predetermined course of fire ranging in distance. 

  • Competitors have 2 options to compete in (specific details relayed in each event description):

    • Series Event:

      • +/- 7 miles​

      • 7 Shooting Stages

      • Max Range 650 yards

      • Average of 50 Rifle hits / 50 Pistol hits

    • Rivals Event:

      • +/- 4 miles

      • 5 Shooting Stages​

      • Max Range 500 yards

      • Average of 40 Rifle hits / 40 Pistol hits

Sample COF.png

  • Each competitor is assigned a unique start time to enter the course. Re-supplying once on the course is not permitted.

  • Competitors will encounter several stages to shoot at throughout the course. These stages may be rifle only, pistol only, or a combination of the two.

  • Competitors have 3 minutes to complete a stage. If the competitor fails to complete a stage within the time allotted, they will receive a Did Not Finish (DNF).

  • Each stage has a unique layout including varying numbers of targets and distances to the targets. Competitors must be able to adapt to the stage, target size, and distance on their own in order to complete the stages.

  • Generally, pistol targets will range from 15-50 yards; while rifle targets will range from 75-500 yards.

  • Competitors will be put in unique situations and positions that will require engaging targets they might not be accustomed to. Additionally, some stages might require movement, or transitions from one position/weapon to another. Safety is paramount. Competitors and ROs will ensure that shooters are moving with the safety on, finger off the trigger, and muzzle down range. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 

  • While running on the course, rifles will not be loaded or have a mag inserted. Pistols are allowed to be in condition 1 (or loaded) while holstered. Competitors will be checked at the start/finish along with the entry/exit of every stage. Failure to follow this (or competition specific rules/regulations) will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Our competitions will weight your scores 60% for shooting and 40% for run time, unless otherwise specified on the event page.

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