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Scoring Details

The following is a breakdown of the OED scoring and how the match data is calculated. There are 2 separate scores (Shoot Time Score & Run Time Score) that are used to compile the total Competition Score. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with all match related data; thus, our results will contain multiple tabs with related match data to support the final results.

Stage Points

Each shooter receives points for each stage at a match. These points are calculated using a relative scoring method; meaning the shooter is awarded points based on their stage shoot time as compared to the fastest and slowest non DNF times.

If a shooter Did Not Finish (DNF) a stage or is unable to shoot the stage, they will automatically receive a score of (-25) points for that stage.

For all other competitors who were able to complete the stage, the following scoring calculation will be used:

100 points –


((Competitor Shoot TimeFastest Shoot Time)


(Slowest non DNF Shoot Time - Fastest Shoot Time))





Competitor Shoot Time = 63.25

Fastest Shoot Time = 26.37

Slowest non DNF Shoot Time = 179.55



100 – (((63.2526.37)/(179.55-26.37))*100)






Stage Points = 75.93

Below is a visual representation of the stage scoring :

Comp Score Sample.PNG

Below is the data that will be released for stage scoring:

Stage Score Detail.PNG

Shoot Time Score

Each competitor will receive a Shoot Time Score for the match. This is calculated by adding all the Stage Points together and dividing them by the number of total stages on the course. Historically, the Series events have 7 stages and the Rivals events have 5 Stages.

Below is the Shoot Time Score formula for a Series event:

Sum(Stage Points) / Distinct Stages


Stage 1: 90.5 Stage Points

Stage 2: 75.9 Stage Points

Stage 3: 62.8 Stage Points

Stage 4: 76.8 Stage Points

Stage 5: 88.2 Stage Points

Stage 6: 63.6 Stage Points

Stage 7: 87.2 Stage Points


Stage Points Total= 545




Shoot Time Score = 77.86

Run Time Score

Each competitor will receive a run time score for the match. The Run Time is calculated utilizing a number of data points from the match, including: total time on course, wait time, and shoot time. Run Time Scores are calculated using a relative scoring method measuring the competitor's Run Time Total as compared to the fastest and slowest Run Time Totals. If the competitor's Run Time Total is greater than the 75th percentile average, then they will receive a score of 0 for their run time.


The following calculations are used to determine the Run Time Total and Run Time Score:

Supporting Formulas:

Time on Course = End Run Time - Start Run Time

Wait Time Total = (Stage Exit – Stage Entry) – Shoot Time

Shoot Time Total = Sum of all stage Shoot Times

Run Time Total = Time on CourseWait Time TotalShoot Time Total

3rd Quarter Average = The 75th percentile average run time



100 points -


((Run Time TotalFastest Run Time Total)


(3rd Quarter Average - Fastest Run Time Total))





Run Time Total = 90.85

Fastest Run Time Total = 50.13

3rd Quarter Average = 133.17


Run Time Score Formula:







Run Time Score = 50.97

Below is the data that will be released for Run Times and scoring:

Run Time Detail.PNG

Competition Score

The Competition Score will be the overall score that competitors are ranked by for the overall result. OED uses a weight of 60% for the shooting portion and 40% for the running portion of the event. 

Supporting Formulas:

(Shoot Time Score * Shoot Time Weight)


(Run Time Score * Run Time Weight)



Shoot Time Score = 77.86

Run Time Score = 50.97


Competition Score Formula:

(77.86 * 60%) + (50.97 * 40%)




Competition Score = 67.11

Below is the data that will be released for the Overall Score:

Overall Score Detail.PNG

Competition Score

Series Score Details

We are excited to announce our 2022 event series; below are the details of how the scoring will work:

  • The series will only be based off the Series events

  • The score will be a total sum of competition points received at each event participated in

  • The first score will be utilized should a competitor run more than once at any event

  • There are no divisions or equipment regulations for the series

  • Missing 1 or multiple events does not disqualify you; however your competition will gain points on you

  • Disqualification from an event will results in a 0 score at that event

  • Overall Series Score will drop an individual’s lowest event score. This would include a 0 on an event that was not participated in, but not a 0 for a disqualification. 

  • Awards and prizes will be issued for the following categories at our last event:

    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall

    • Top Lady

    • War Horse

Overall Sereies Sample.png

* Sample Scores

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