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Our goal is to enhance the competitive shooting sport of ‘Run n Gun’ by providing new technology, new venues, and new challenges to an already successful competition platform. The team at Old Eighteen Defense wants to re-energize the core base of competitors while also encouraging new shooters and enthusiasts to participate. We want to provide you, our clients, the best available experience to safely test your equipment and yourselves throughout or courses.


Having competed in a variety of competitions (shooting or other), we know the importance and convenience that new technology can bring to the table. We at Old Eighteen Defense have created a proprietary application that will streamline data collection at each of our competitions. Our goal is to:

  • Digitize the score keeping experience

  • Be transparent with all available data

  • Provide incremental updates throughout the competition (both on course and at the center of operations)

  • Improve documentation / competitor feedback

  • Reduce the score compilation process


Our competitions will be held at a variety of locations throughout the year. Each location will provide a unique experience and course designed to fit the landscape. There will be obstacles, either man made or natural, that competitors will have to overcome. We will always strive to make each competition better than the last and do our best to keep improving and/or modifying stage designs.


  • Firearm Safety

  • 2A Rights and Responsibilities

  • Responsible Business Practices

  • Commitment to Relationships

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Customer Satisfaction

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