Rules, Regulations & Policy

There is a zero-tolerance policy at our events. Safety is of the utmost importance and these rules and regulations are in place to make sure you and your fellow competitors stay safe. Below is our safety briefing that will be given prior to each event. This is subject to change and all competitors must participate in an on-site briefing prior to their participation in the event.

Pre-Registration Notice

  • Registration will close 7 days prior to the event or once event tickets are sold out

  • If you plan on running in a group, please specify when you register

    • Out of courtesy to our other guests, groups will be limited to no more than 3 competitors

  • There will be no refunds issued within 2 weeks of the event

  • Safety is our first priority for all individuals involved in our events. As such, Old Eighteen Defense has the right to terminate your participation at any point in time at its own discretion.  

  • Old Eighteen Defense hosts these events for well intentioned individuals to compete against themselves and their friends. We DO NOT have any political or ideological affiliations nor any associations with any radical groups or their agendas. We will not tolerate anyone promoting these points of view at our events. In order to maintain the highest level of safety standards at our events and because these events may be viewed as a method for individuals to train with potentially lethal weapons, should Old Eighteen Defense become aware of any radical associations or active support of these types of groups (as determined solely by Old Eighteen Defense) your participation will be rescinded and you will be asked to leave the event immediately.

  • By registering for an Old Eighteen Defense event, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations posted on our website.

Range Officers

  • Our Range Officers (RO) have Match Directors (MD) full trust and vested authority while on the course.

  • If an RO witness someone acting in an unsafe manner, they can and will stop the competitor and remove them from the course of fire as they see fit.

  • There will be no arguing with any Range Officers.

  • If there is a point of contention, note it and move on, and the MD will determine the outcome later

    • We are all human, mistakes can be made, please keep this in mind.

Course & Markings

  • Our courses will vary but will be between 4-6 miles long with 5-7 shooting stations.

  • The course path will be marked with white flags, banners and directional arrows.

  • If you get lost, lose the course markers, or are unsure about your current location STOP. If you can, backtrack to the last point of reference.

  • There are no shortcuts. Do not attempt to take one. This is for your own safety.

    • Blatant attempts to cut the course will result in a match DQ.

  • Red barricades and flags mean do not enter. This is to prevent you from entering a shooting lane. Red = bad.


  • Rifles must always be clear while on the course. Only when instructed by a RO can a rifle be loaded.

  • Your rifle will be inspected upon entry into every stage. If a round is chambered, you will be disqualified from the match.

  • You may not have a mag in your rifle at any time other than while shooting at a stage.

  • Once a stage is complete the RO will ask you to show clear.

  • Pistols may be in condition 1 (a round chambered and holstered). It will only be drawn when instructed by a RO.

  • Pistols must be kept in a hard retention style holster. Soft/cloth holsters are not permitted.

  • If your pistol is un-holstered or is knocked out of your holster while on the course you will be disqualified.

  • No green or black tip (armor piercing), tracers, or steel core ammo will be allowed on the course.

    • Competitors will be checked prior to the start of the race, as well as, at each stage.

  • No Full Auto (sorry).

  • Caliber restrictions: 9mm-45cal; .223 - .308


  • Everyone will check in at the registration table and receive a start time.

    • This start time may vary from anything distributed before the match.

  • Unless otherwise specified you will not go on the course until that time; if you would like to try to run in an earlier time slot, we will not make any promises, but the best way to attempt this is to go to your car, get fully geared up and stand next to the check in desk. If a time slot becomes available, you will be allowed to enter the course early at the check in RO’s discretion.

  • The ROs at the Start/Finish will tell you when you may go onto the course. You may not depart before they give you the OK.

  • The ROs at the check in will do the following prior to your start:

    • Check for a clear rifle

    • Check your ammo

    • Check for a hard retention pistol holster

    • Ensure you have your runners’ band/number


  • You will check into every stage. If you are bypassing a stage inform the RO working that stage.  

  • Upon arrival show the RO a clear rifle.

    • If the ROs are busy, please help us out and check in any runners behind you to make sure their rifles are clear.

  • At each check in station there will be 2 stage descriptions & maps. The ROs will not be giving stage briefings. You must understand the COF prior to your turn to shoot.

    • ROs will take brief questions at their discretion or send you back to review the description.

  • Almost every stage has a transition from rifle to pistol or vice versa. Please be careful when hot holstering or moving with a loaded pistol / rifle.

  • Any time you are not shooting your safety needs to be on and finger off the trigger.

    • ROs will be calling for this while on the stages

  • Failure to follow their instruction will result in a disqualification. No questions asked.

  • Maintain a 180-degree rule with your muzzle.

  • If any wildlife is spotted on the stage a cease fire will be immediately called.

    • Failure to obey the command will result in an immediate match disqualification

    • If you fail to abide by the cease fire and hit an animal, you will be responsible for paying the ranch for the damages

Challenge Stages

  • The challenge stages will be open from 8am-4pm

  • You can compete in them at any time before or after you run

  • Tickets will be available when you register for the event, at the registration table, and at the challenge stages themselves


  • We will be taking photos on the course. If you have an issue with your image being distributed let us know so we can omit you from any posts


  • If you are bringing a dog on the COF it is your responsibility to ensure it is restrained it at all times. Dogs will not be allowed to run loose while you are shooting nor go through the shooting stage with you. It is also not a RO or another competitors responsibility to hold onto the animal either.