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OED Range Officers


Range Officers are critical to OED’s success. We can find event locations, competitors, and sponsors but without Range Officers (ROs) our events would not take place. Regardless of experience, please reach out to us about becoming an RO at one of our future events. Below are some details about becoming an OED RO.

Each of our events has its own individual nuances but this is our standard RO package:

  • ROs run the series course for free on Friday

    • Your score is counted toward the event standings and you are eligible to receive prizes

  • OED provides breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday

  • OED covers lodging and/or camping on the property

    • If lodging is available, it will be given in descending order to our senior ROs for their service

  • Should there be enough support, ROs can run the course on Saturday and/or Sunday


Before each match, OED ensures that every RO is Stop the Bleed certified, is familiar with our emergency response plan, and is trained in operating our scoring application.

Lead ROs

Regardless of experience each volunteer with be assigned to a stage with an experienced OED Lead RO. Before the match, a lead RO is designated on each stage. Lead ROs have participated in several of our events, shown the ability to successfully run/control a stage and are competent in the ability to RO shooters. They are well-versed in each of the stage positions (identified below), safety aspects of the match, and understand the data entry requirements of our scoring app.

Lead ROs are responsible for organizing their stage, including, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing the stage description with the Match Director (MD)

  • Pick up stage accessories from the MD

  • Ensure all assigned ROs have a ride to the stage

  • Assign RO roles and positions at the stage, including scoring and data entry

  • Conducting stage walkthroughs with all ROs to ensure the stage is run consistently

  • Manage RO rotations throughout the day at their stage

  • Is the on-site authority for any decisions prior to MD involvement


New/Experienced ROs

As noted above each ‘new’ RO at our events will be placed with a Lead RO. We have had volunteers with experience from other events/competitions and volunteers come in with no experience whatsoever. By placing you with one of our Lead ROs, you will get to see how our stages are run, the roles and positions, and use of or scoring application.

If you are new to being a range officer, or even to the sport, this is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the position and its responsibilities. We will ensure that you get real time training under the watchful eye of our more experienced ROs.


Stage Positions

At a minimum we prefer 4 ROs on each stage; sometimes we have more…sometimes we have less. Each stage has its own requirements and specific roles; however, the following would be a general breakdown of positions required to fully support a stage:

  • Stage Check-In: Checks for clear rifles, starts competitor’s wait time, answers general questions about the stage description

  • Pre-Stage/Score Entry: Pre-stages the next competitor at the stage starting point, answers any last-minute stage specific questions, logs the shoot time of each competitor in the application and the backup sheet

  • Spotter: Usually only required for targets past 200 yards, spotter calls hits to support the Shooters RO

  • Shooters RO: Follows the competitor throughout the stage, ensures competitor is following the proper shooting sequence, watches for safety infractions, calls all pistol/rifle hits out to 200 yards, and manages shot timer.


Range Officer Registration

We currently have 3 ways for potential ROs to reach us:

  • Request to join the ‘OE Defense Range Officer’ Facebook group

  • From the event specific ticket sales page register for a ‘Range Officer Registration’ ticket

  • Email us directly at to communicate interest in becoming an RO


45 days out from each match we will send out a Range Officer Registration notice to start a log of volunteers. This notice will go out to our ‘OE Defense Range Officers’ Facebook group and via email to those on our RO registry. At that time, we will communicate some of the match specific details and you can confirm your availability.


We can be flexible and work with your schedule as needed.


Pre-Match Notice

14 days out from the match we will send out our Range Officer Update. This will include standard match data (location, lodging, and course details). It will also include RO specific information including:

  • Friday run details

  • Stage assignments (including Lead RO)

  • Vehicle routes to each stage

  • Lodging/Sleeping assignments when available at the property

  • RO Meeting/Safety Brief schedule


Match Weekend Schedule


  • Shooters go out on the course as a squad – RO-ing themselves

  • Stop the Bleed Course

  • RO meeting and Safety Brief


  • 7am: RO Breakfast

  • 7:30am: ROs depart to stages

  • 8am: First Runner Out

  • 11:45am: RO Lunch

  • 4pm: Last Runner Out

  • Stage Tear Down

  • 6pm: Awards


  • 7am: RO Breakfast

  • 7:30am: ROs depart to stages

  • 8am: First Runner Out

  • 11:30am: RO Lunch

  • 2pm: Last Runner Out

  • Stage Tear Down

  • 4pm: Awards

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