Competitor Spotlight Videos

Below are our competitor spotlight videos from some of our past events. Each of these competitors have been great ambassadors to the sport and have set themselves apart from the rest of the field.

Wade Phillips: The Ranch 2022

Wade Phillips takes us through The 2022 Ranch Series event. This was our second trip back to this facility and it did not disappoint with great shooting locations such as a full shoot house, sim village, explosives bay, and multiple long-range bays. This event was set up to be both physically and mentally taxing and only compiling the stress was a heat index of 115 degrees. Wade has been a member of the Run n Gun community since before OED and has always been one of the nicest guys you will find on a course. He always exhibits a positive attitude and a willingness to help those around him, even if it’s just with a smile and some encouragement. Wade has a great story and it’s great to hear his philosophy on why he continues to compete in these competitions.

Rivals: Farrell 2022

In our first video from our Rivals event Jesse Shoemaker, Logan King, Casey Brewton and Jackson Blackwell take us through The Farrell Run n Gun on March 27th, 2022. The Farrell Ranch provided an awesome backdrop for a Run n Gun event with lots of natural terrain, hills, valleys, and creeks. If the terrain wasn’t hard enough there was an added element of weather with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees both days of competition. Our Rivals event tends to draw in a lot of groups and first-time competitors. On a typical weekend over 50% of the Rivals field will want to compete with friends or family. It is great to see these groups go out and compete together and grow the shooting community.

Joshua Boston: RWR Series Opener 2022

Joshua Boston takes us through The RWR Series Run n Gun on January 15th, 2022. The Rivers West Ranch provided us with a great facility to host our 2022 Series Opener. We were able to get back to our roots and set up an 'all natural' course using only the terrain, pump jacks, and an abandoned van in the woods. If the north west Texas landscape wasn't enough a cool +/-30 degree temperatures and 20mph gusts made it a rough day. Joshua has become a staple at our events and can always be spotted by either his Hawaiian shirts or a 40mm grenade launcher on his rifle. In the video Joshua discusses his embracement of run n guns and why he finds himself coming back to the community.

Michael Knight: The Ranch Series Championship 2021

Michael Knight takes us through The Ranch 10K Run n Gun on December 11th, 2021. The course covered 6 miles of south Texas terrain in Dilley, Tx. While the terrain might have been considered easy the shooting difficulty was ramped up to separate the competition. We have known Michael for a long time, since before we started our own events, and he is one of the most positive individuals we know. Anyone who has spent time around him knows that he is a great advocate for the sport and a positive influence to be around. As a tribute to him we wanted to highlight him as a competitor as well as his military service as a Sentinel in the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment standing watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Meghan Hayden: Stillwaters 2021

Meghan Hayden takes us through the Stillwaters 10K Run n Gun on September 25th, 2021. The course covered 6.5 miles at the edge of the Riley Mountains in Llano, Tx. In addition to the terrain, there were 7 shooting stages along the course that tested each athlete with varying shooting positions, transitions, constant movement, and targets at unknown distances. Meghan took home 1st place: finishing 2nd in running and 1st in shooting for her division. We are thrilled about her success at this event as she is a great person, competitor, and ambassador for our sport.

Sterling Blocker: Venado 2021

Sterling Blocker through the Venado 10K Run n Gun on May 15th, 2021. The course covered a grueling 6 miles with 4 major climbs, over 1,200 feet of elevation change, as well as, incline and decline slopes exceeding 40%. If the terrain wasn’t enough, there were 7 shooting stages along the course that tested each athlete with varying shooting positions, transitions, constant movement, and targets at unknown distances. Sterling effectively destroyed the course with the fastest run time of the day at 62 minutes. His shooting wasn’t half bad either, coming in 2nd with 5 top 10 stage times. Overall, Sterling placed 2nd in the competition in what was one of our tightest results to-date.