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We at Old Eighteen Defense encourage new shooters, experienced shooters, athletes, and/or enthusiasts to come out and compete. Do not be discouraged by your perceived level of qualification or fitness, as a wide variety of individuals regularly participate in these events. Below are some helpful guidelines for first time competitors that we like to pass along:

  • This is not the place to learn how to shoot. We expect that all competitors have experience with firearm manipulation, handling and safety. 

  • Have your weapon sighted in prior to arrival. There will not be a location to zero your rifle or pistol. 

  • Don’t drop $5,000 on the latest gear for your first race (unless you can get away with it). See our list of recommended gear that will get you across the finish line without breaking the bank. You can always upgrade later once you have a better idea of what will work for you in this style of competition.

  • Do not expect to come in 1st place. Come out with a good attitude, meet some great people, and enjoy the experience. Once you catch the bug, you can start setting higher expectations!

  • It is not uncommon for some of the top shooters to walk the course; or for some of the top runners to have room for improvement in their shooting skills.

  • You do not have to run the course. The name 'Run' n Gun is somewhat of a misnomer as the majority of competitors jog what they can or walk the course. 

  • Don’t push yourself past your limits. If you sat on your couch eating Cheetos all summer don’t expect to come out and sprint the 6 miles. Register and compete at a level you are comfortable with. No one will judge you for walking or jogging as needed.

  • Bring water!

  • If you fail to complete a stage, that’s fine! You have now identified an area to focus on while training. Keep a positive attitude and move to the next stage.

  • When we issue/post that the course will be 40 hits (pistol or rifle) that is the minimum. Do not carry the exact amount of ammo. Our recommendation is to carry double if not triple that amount to get through the course of fire. 

  • We do allow people to compete in groups up to 3 if you want to go out on the course with friends or family.

  • We are not all Instagram models. What you see on social media is selective and edited to display the most impressive content. You will be competing with some individuals who are at a very high level…but most of the competitors are here to better themselves and have a good time with friends and family. 

  • If you have questions, ask.

    • Before the race - contact us using the information on our website and we will be happy to help.

    • At the event - ask questions to the people around you.

    • On the course - ask the Range Officers.

    • Don’t be shy!

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