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The Ranch Run n Gun Recap

The Ranch Dilley, Tx


The 2021 season was immensely successful, and we are proud of both our volunteers and competitors for making it happen. Across 2021 we held 4 separate vents (Winter Buffalo, Venado, Stillwaters, and The Ranch), had over 200 unique 10K competitors, brought countless new shooters into the support, and most importantly had a safe season with no incidents or injuries!

Our 2021 series concluded at The Ranch which proved to be a perfect location to crown our first champions. The Ranch, located in Dilley, Tx, is primarily used as a training facility for Military, Lay Enforcement, and other special operations. There is a wide variety of shooting locations, bays, sim villages and a full shoot house. The Ranch was kind enough to let us host our championship event there are we can’t wait to return.

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The Ranch Course Overview.PNG

10K Course Profile

5K Course Profile

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The 5k course of fire had 48 rifle hits and 45 pistol hits across 3.5 miles. The 10k course had 60 rifle hits and 60 pistol hits across 5.5 miles. Since the terrain wasn’t as difficult as some of our normal courses, we stepped up the shooting difficulty to level out the playing field. In addition to increasing our normal round counts we also added additional stage movement, some physical stress inductors, and some pesky no shoots that wreaked havoc….

The results showed that this was one of our hardest events with an overall DNF rate of 53% the 10K and 41% for the 5K. Normally these rates are closer to 30% overall. The intention was not to make people fail but to push the competitors to the limit and challenge them in new ways. 

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We owe a huge thank you to our Range Officers who spent the weekend working both courses. They spent a lot of time running back and forth keeping competitors safe and managing their stages with great success. None of these events could happen without their assistance. If you are interested in becoming a Range Officer reach out to us at or through our website so we can provide you with all the details and perks of volunteering!

We also want to thank our sponsors, and hope you will to, who provide us support and offer our competitors some great gear for our prize tables. We have enjoyed working with each of these companies and look forward to partnering with them throughout this series and beyond.

Congratulations to our winners Sterling Blocker, Ryan Maynard, Chris Hudgins, Meghan Hayden, Kellen Hood, and Zachary Ralston.

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