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Winter Buffalo Run n Gun Recap

Buck n Buffalo Ranch Lampasas, Tx



The 2021 Old Eighteen Defense Series brought to you by Trident Weapons Design, Black Rifle Coffee Company, and Vortex Optics has officially begun with the Winter Buffalo Run n Gun in the books. It ended up being a great weekend for shooting and we are extremely thankful for the competitors and Range Officers who participated!

Weather fought us for two weeks leading up to the event, but we ultimately hosted successful match at the Buck n Buffalo Ranch in Lampasas, Texas. Due to one of the worst winter storms in Texas’ history, we were forced to postpone the match for the safety of the competitors. While conditions at the ranch were favorable on the original date; getting to and from the ranch on ice covered roads would have been treacherous and a risk we did not want to place on our participants. Pushing the event date caused us to lose 10-15 competitors per day, but we were still able to field over 80 competitors throughout the weekend.

Winter Course Map.png

While both Saturday and Sunday started with some low hanging fog, we were fortunate enough to avoid any rain or impactful weather of any kind. This did not mean that the competitors stayed dry; we managed to navigate the course trail through several low crossings with water and mud for some extra fun. 

We set up two separate courses for our 5k and 10k events, sharing only 1 of 12 stages. We stretched the distance on the 5k course a little to incorporate some unique shooting locations. The 5k official round count was 35 rifle and 35 pistol across 5 stages with the furthest target at 425 yards. The 10k course ended up being approximately 6.25 miles with 7 stages and an official round count of 45 rifle and 45 pistol with the furthest shot limited to 250 yards. We introduced several technical challenges for the shooters that made our stages more difficult. These challenges included multiple transitions, offhand shooting, blind stages, and ambiguous stage designs that forced the shooters to choose their shooting position and sequence on the clock. 10 of the 12 stages required both rifle and pistol targets to be engaged and every stage required the shooters to engage targets from at least 2 positions.


In our second season of hosting run n guns we are continuously striving to improve in every aspect of our events. One area of opportunity that we saw was our scoring and ability to offer transparency and detailed results. Most matches offer a general overview of the results without much detail; we wanted to change that. If you check out our results page, you will see a plethora of data from wait and run times to time stamps on stage entries and exits. We are extremely excited to offer this level of detail in an interactive platform so shooters can analyze their performance or compare it against others.

Click HERE for 10K Results

Run Time Detail Sample

Sample Run Detail.png

Stage Time Detail Sample

Sample Shoot Time Detail.png

Congratulations to our winners! Jonathan Foo who took 1st in the 10k and 3rd in the 5k, Sterling Blocker who took 2nd in both the 10k and 5k, Austin Huckabee, Laura Howard, Stephen Chambers, and Estephanie Pollock!


We also want to thank our sponsors who, despite the crazy times we live in, offered to support us, and provide our competitors with some great gear for our prize tables. We have enjoyed working with each of these companies and look forward to partnering with them throughout this series and beyond.

Series Sponsors

Event Sponsors

Additional Sponsors

Lastly, we owe a huge thank you to our Range Officers who spent the weekend working both courses. They spent a lot of time running back and forth keeping competitors safe and managing their stages with great success. None of these events could happen without their assistance. If you are interested in becoming a Range Officer reach out to us at or through our website so we can provide you with all the details and perks of volunteering!


Details and tickets for our next 2021 series event happening May 15-16, the Venado Run n Gun, are available at We hope to see you there!

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