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The Buffalo Run & Gun Scenario

The Buffalo course of fire will challenge your ability to react to novel, and relevant situations that seem more plausible than any of us would hope them to be. Please note that this is a scenario, a fictional situation, that we have created to provide some narrative to the course. We in no way advocate for anyone to put themselves into a situation that would cause them to have to use deadly force.


As riots persist across the nation, well prepared individuals like yourselves keep watch with a cautious eye. One evening a riot breaks out in your local community and breaks law enforcement containment. As the riot advances into your neighborhood, you realize you are now responsible for your own well-being as no one from the outside can assist you. 


The course scenario starts with an armed mob encroaching on your property, vandalizing your possessions and moving quickly to break into your house.

Buffalo no background inverted.png


To gain perspective of the situation, you move to a high vantage point. Immediately realizing the imminent threat, you have no choice but to neutralize the first arrivals in order to give you enough time to get some cover and make an exit. 

Stage 2: WINDOWS

While navigating through the house to your go-bag and supplies you assess the situation outside through a window. You engage targets while moving from one window to the next, ducking and crawling to avoid incoming fire and projectiles. 

Stage 3: LOAD THE CAR 

You have made it with your gear and supplies to your vehicle and begin loading up when new targets are spotted. You load your gear as you can while stopping to return fire. 


The mob likes to block roads, although you made it off your property you’re now dealing with a hostile crowd on the road. The traffic in front of you is stopped leaving you few options as the mob has now surrounded your vehicle.

Stage 5: REGROUP

You’ve put some distance between you and the mob giving you time to collect yourself, but the mob has followed your trail of brass. You must move to find new cover and defend yourself against these assailants.


You’ve formulated a new plan to get out of town and it's now time to get moving again. Although the mob is still persistent, it is thinning out and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing!

Stage 7: JELLY 

You’re now exhausted and running only on adrenaline. There are still some outliers left in the mob and the fighting spirit in you won’t stop now. Although your legs have had just about enough running for a lifetime, you have to make one last stand...if you can.

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